Three Renderings

Haiku Heights

I am not the first
to render obedience
to the raven queen.
~~ ~~ ~~
Queen of the foxes,
what shall I render to you
for licking my wounds?
~~ ~~ ~~
Render up your fruit,
queen of the tamarind trees—
my mouth is open.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More September Heights: “Render”

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  1. Interesting set… i like the second one a lot!

    Mystery monk renders golden thanks!

  2. Unique ideas … loved all three 🙂

  3. The last one is my favorite — juicy!

  4. Oh my!!! these are all good but they build to the best one I think.

  5. You have me laughing out loud. What fun.

  6. These are wonderful haiku. The last one is my favourite “my mouth is open” waiting for that lush fruit.

  7. I like these, especially the third (but then I’m a real tamarind fan). This is a definition of “render” that never occurred to me. Good one.

  8. I adore that first one!

  9. I love the last one. Vividly written and almost sensual

  10. an exceptional set…..I can’t pic one because the whole set was so perfectly magical….

  11. Nice set of haiku MMT … that last one sounds very sensual … nicely composed.

  12. Fascinating in its exquisite renderings, MMT Great write!


  13. The last one made me smile AND drool 🙂

  14. This is so much fun. My fave is the third 😀

  15. How true your haiku words are ~ lovely ~ Love the photo also ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger ^_^

  16. I like that third one. Tamarind is so unusual, and “my mouth is open” is nice.

  17. a different and interesting take! 🙂
    Liked it

  18. Interesting each three.. wonder if I’d like tamarind direct from the tree though.

  19. Lovely set of haiku. Very witty and nicely crafted. Enjoyed reading it 🙂

  20. Wonderful. A very regal feeling. I love the last one, so sensual.

  21. A fascinating trio – so different.

  22. That foxy queen with her healing tongue…oh, my!


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