Sunset, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

The gloss on your lips,
comely Desert Cloud Maiden,
neither runs nor smears.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. oh wow what a shot, beautiful!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Great haiku today, love the image and the imagery.

  3. Lovely picture…I like the illusion of gloss, never dull on the lips ~

  4. Beautiful..I couldn’t think of gloss on ‘lips’..

    Well done..a nice haiku and pic.

  5. Every one of your poems has given me an “ah ha” moment . I really love this one. I, too, saw gloss in the sky!

  6. Nicely written … wonderful imagery. Chapeau.

  7. The clouds actually look lik a lip! Very well crafted haiku! Loved the imgination…

    Euphoria in music

  8. Very nice haiku and a beautiful image. I always admire your writes.

  9. A very beautiful sky! Stunning low parade of colour!

  10. Now That is an Arizona sunset – and a nice haiku to go with it!

  11. Perhaps like lip gloss, the sky is doing what that ither item dos – add a final stylish detail to a lovely sky – beautifully captured!

  12. “Comely desert cloud maiden”…WoW! Love it, love it, love it!!!

  13. Is it fair to say that you are having a love affair with the desert?

  14. Oh, this is like Mother Nature’s advertisement. Nice.

  15. Really comely, both the image and your powerful description.
    Very original take!

  16. so captivating ..words and the pic …nice..

  17. Amazing sky photo. It is so very beautiful.
    Happy Sunday!

  18. What a gorgeous sight! How I wish I was there. I am a sky watcher and a lover.

    TY for sharing.

    Enjoy your SSS2 day.

    Have a blissful day.

  19. i enjoyed this one..thanks 🙂

  20. what beauty in this photo mmt. simply gorgeous.

  21. Wow, I really like the gloss on the lips of a desert cloud.

  22. Ravishingly beautiful. Wish I could have been there, too. Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous view.

  23. That looks like some paintings I saw in the Rijks Museum last week. Simply gorgeous! I think this is the month for Arizona skies. I used to love Arizona Highways. xo Jenny

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      The Rijksmuseum is a long way from the Sonoran Desert, but I’m glad you found some similarities between the Old Masters and my little photo!

  24. In the sunset blush
    The cloud maid starts to feel the
    Music of the Night.

    Stunning Shot!

  25. Oooh la la! What a purty (and colorful) sunset!

  26. Hello there MMT : )
    What can I say about this picture .. it is absolutely breath taking .. I am a sky person and I am in LOVE with this shot !

  27. So beautiful….reminds me of ‘home week’ in Tucson years ago!!!

  28. I love that sunlight shining upon the clouds.

    Come and see the shadows of Wild Berries.

  29. Love that great sky. Wish to be there to catch that shot too!

  30. Orangey skies have always been my favorite to watch. Thanks for sharing the joy.

  31. Wow — just breath-taking!

  32. As always, beautiful. Perhaps the gloss is bitter sweet.


  33. thank you for linking me to these awesome clouds

    much love…

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