Pepper Tree

Haiku Heights

mockingbird at dawn
singing in the pepper tree—
I take up my flute

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Awesome … nice composition

  2. Both of you must have created magic…I am sure..


  3. nice and musical

  4. Good! I love the last line.

  5. I like the way you jump from observer to participant in the last line. Nice haiku.

  6. Very lovely, I had a pepper tree ar my last house and was going to go with that but the flavour the east took over:)

  7. I love the whole picture you painted. Very nice!

  8. Nice–are you accompanying or solo-ing. nice image.

  9. A Walk In My Heart

    I love the feeling this haiku leaves me.

  10. This haiku paints a lovely picture for me. To accompany a mockingbird at dawn would be wonderful.

  11. The image it creates in my mind is one I’d love to be in all day. Charming, magical.

  12. a truly positive and life affirming haiku!

  13. Lovely word picture! Very heartwarming!

  14. And the two of you together will perform the best concert I’m sure 🙂

  15. Lovely and peaceful write, :).

  16. beautiful and positive.. 🙂

  17. Very nice. This poem makes me feel peaceful and connected.

  18. You must be very popular with your neighbours playing the flute at dawn!

  19. What divine accompaniment Thank you for visiting me, too!!

  20. Synchronicity. I’m listening to a Native American group play flutes on Spotify. Matches your haiku!

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