Seven Rains

Haiku Heights

early evening rain
staccato on my rooftop
autumn lullaby
~~ ~~ ~~
Two startled fillies
trying to outrun the rain—
the white one stumbles.
~~ ~~ ~~
Crazy for flowers,
I pray for rain each morning—
desert winds mock me.
~~ ~~ ~~
Rain Woman beckons—
I follow her at twilight
to a desert place.
~~ ~~ ~~
On a moonless night
autumn rains begin to fall—
ashes on the hearth.
~~ ~~ ~~
their old love letters
blurred by ten thousand raindrops—
she takes up her pen
~~ ~~ ~~
One good summer rain
satisfies the gardener
and her right-hand man.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This is an incredible set! Really beautiful work.

  2. I love them all…but blurred words a little more….words..fascinate me doesn’t matter if they are blurred…waiting for your visit to my page..MMT…


  3. beautifully composed hard choice to point a fav in them!

  4. Loved each and every one … awesome !!!

  5. These are all wonderful! But the second is my favorite!!

  6. Great series of rain-haiku, wonderfully composed. I can’t even tell which one is my favorite. Good job.

  7. Lots of these are good I think – I especially like the stumbling fillies and the last two. You must have been inspired!

  8. autumn lullaby.. what a lovely sound you bring to my ears

  9. All good. Hope you have got your breath back now 🙂

  10. Oh I love that autumn rain, MMT 🙂 So beautiful.

  11. This set of haiku is wonderful. Every one. If I did have to choose, and it would be difficult, I would say the one that begins with the line “on a moonless night”

  12. beautiful! beautiful memories..

  13. As one who stumbles frequently, my heart goes out to the stumbling white filly.

  14. I love them all, but the first on played my keys in a especial way.

  15. startled fillies trying to outrun the rain is cute and fun. ‘staccato on my rooftop’ is my favoritest!

  16. Amazing as usual! I really love the way you look at the prompt from as many sides as possible. Bravo!

  17. Wonderful set of Haiku and very well written

  18. All great. Loved the first one the most.

  19. Loved each of teh haiku…
    And each one of it is so different!!!

  20. Wonderful set of haiku…..Each one is unique and awesome!

  21. Rain-drenched haiku, very nice!

  22. I like these a lot. The one about the love letters is my favorite. And I’m feeling bad for the poor horse who stumbles. Aw…

  23. wow! each of them are a pleasure to read! lovely!

  24. The first one and the old love letters are my favorite among this great variety. You have an amazing gift to deliver several time and time again on single prompt!!
    September Heights – Skies’ Joy

  25. I really like the 2nd one!

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