Palo verde seeds
Palo verde tree at twilight, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

fertile, dulcet notes
drifting through the wash at dusk—
symphony of seeds

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. as if the tree had been trimmed by mother nature

  2. Sonata, Rondo,
    Minuette – the Symphony
    Played in Seed Major.


  3. Synphony of seeds…beautiful…I felt so nice and good..

    Thanks MMT..I am here:

  4. symphony of seeds … lovely !!!

  5. “Symphony of seeds” … a really great line. Love the way you have written this haiku. And that photo … just … well I am speechless.

  6. “Symphony of Seeds” great line. Love the way you have written this take on symphony. The photo also is great … thank you.

  7. I just loved “drifting through the wash at dusk” Wonderful haiku.

  8. Well expressed.
    I learnt a new word.. Dulcet. Thanks! 🙂

  9. A beautiful treat this is, MMT! The picture is something I hadn’t ever seen before and your haiku is brilliant. Thank you! 🙂

  10. Here again you have given us a wonderful haiku.”symphony of seeds” I really like that.

  11. Ooooh this one gave me chills (the good kind)

  12. Symphony of seeds – wonderful phrase to go with your photo. Very nice.

  13. A symphony of seeds – engrossed in a dance in the wind. Nicely MMT


  14. Simple but great tribute to Nature, “played in Seed Mayor”.
    The image looks like a musical score, the fruits being the notes.

  15. what a great expression teacher… symphony of seed…

  16. ‘Symphony of seeds’ what fine line. lovely haiku

  17. Symphony of seeds… I can hear that too 🙂

  18. Ah, as always just beautiful.


  19. Ur photos just are amazing, MMT. loved it.

  20. Awesome imagery of symphony … and your catalog of photos seems never-ending! 😀
    September Heights – Repertoire of Notes

  21. Your picture is soo lovely, And I like the ‘wash at dusk’

  22. Suppose one could suggest a symphony of most anything, but a symphony of seeds is full of meaning….

  23. nice take on the prompt – good picture

  24. Reminds me of wind chimes! Wonderful photo! Wishing you well! Cathy

  25. That’s awesome. As soon as I read the title I saw the ‘notes’, as if they were written on music graph paper. You have a great mind my friend.


  26. Seed packets hung out to dry…thanks for the link to the green stick tree ♥

  27. oh my…i love this. each seed pod a prayer flag to beauty and new life!
    gorgeous inspired haiku, thank you!

  28. Seeds as symphony. Nice one.

  29. strange tree (to me)….your words drifted so well……

  30. What magical words have accompanied your photo of seed pods, so awesome!

  31. Love the seed pods. I like to crack them open. The older they are, the more they crackle.

  32. Wow! This haiku goes so great with the picture. Well done!

  33. This is a song indeed to listen for… just so lovely!

  34. Great notes for a lovely symphony!

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