Brown Paper Bag

Haiku Heights

A brown paper bag
clutched in a child’s hand can hold
all of creation.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very profound and very beautiful!

  2. So much promise…beautiful poem.

  3. so true ~ divine haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I love to think that children still use their imaginations rather than their iphones!

  5. lovely and oh so true .. encourage the child ..

  6. Yes, that’s right…I am going to be seeking to see inside those brown bags.. MMT ..thanks..


  7. Yes it does ~ A beautiful interpretation ~

  8. Oh this one means so much to me…. I love it.!! Your students are one lucky group of kids!

  9. I love the thought!

  10. That’s wonderful. There is nothing more powerful that a child’s imagination.

  11. ….and lunch now that school is back in session.


  12. Yes it can – beautiful haiku.

  13. Very beautiful take on creation.

  14. Deep creation and great truth!
    A coincidence: I made paper ships in one of my haiku.

  15. I love this… and will never look at a plain brown lunch bag in the same way, ever again…

  16. Young minds are fertile. The correct stimuli would unleash all the talents! Nicely MMT!


  17. So true. Young ones are still open minded and not conditioned by custom. The imagination is a very powerful tool. Well crafted 🙂

  18. MMT – I did not understand the brown paper bag..can you explain?

  19. I love this brown paper bag of yours…

  20. A mystery in a bag. What shall I do today?

  21. Very nice! And so true – what a child can do with a brown paper bag 🙂

  22. I like the idea of a child holding a bag of everything

  23. To just have that child like trust and creativity!

  24. this is one of my favorites of all you have written that I have had the honor and pleasure of reading…beautiful!

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