Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Weary twilight shades
long for grass in which to lie,
not tangled branches.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I think I could get lost in this picture! Love all the texture and color tones!! Wonderful shot!

  2. What a beautiful capture and i, too, love the texture and color tones! Terrific shot for the day!

  3. MMT..very unique..very creative thought..and you get the pictures too..so befitting to your words..


  4. Wonderful wonderful wonderful 🙂

  5. Stunning picture ~ I like the twilight shades ~

  6. wonderful, magical! 🙂

  7. The tree is the biggest target for the sun to shine – yet, the grasses are worthy of the sun and leave slender shadows while the massive (in comparison) has shadow to spare. Nicely captured!

  8. Wonderful haiku…worthy of the stunning desert landscape, which you seem to love to share in your writing and photos.

  9. I think the twilight would be envious of the glorious morning sun, when the green grass seems to thrive and look more lush than ever 🙂

  10. Another earthy tones that I love.

    A great shot for the w/end although for me it’s a bit sad that the trees and grass are dying. Are they?

    Have a great SSS week-end.

  11. Beautiful! I have nominated you for an award please check my blog

  12. You really nailed this one. The light, the composition, title, poetry – all one perfect whole.

  13. A beautiful picture with thoughtful haiku to compliment it. I, too, like “twilight shades” Special this.

  14. That’s a real beauty of a shot!

  15. simply wonderful!

  16. Love the wisdom of these lines.

  17. I love the weary twilight shades. I’m with them. The tangled branches are lovely to look at, but not very inviting.

  18. Nature beckons, to each their own favourite spot and time of day. Fabulous!

  19. Did you see the movie “Wild Thing” based on the Maurice Sendak story? That’s what this scene reminds me of. A scene from the “Wild Thing” (or, Where the wild things are).

  20. Amazing Shot. Love the lighting. Well Done!

  21. Great and apt take on the prompt

  22. This is beautiful words and picture. I felt that longing. May there be rain.

  23. Truly very nice thoughts 🙂

  24. shades like softness–ok–Shades as ghosts too? or just shades as where the sun does not show?

  25. The tangled branches would be quite a thorny bed 🙂

  26. Very thoughtful lines! Loved’em!

  27. Excellent my friend. Well done.


  28. Great shot and I like ‘twilight shades.’

  29. Fantastic. Love the image of the weary shades looking for a soft place to land. Aren’t we all.

  30. The shadows are hard to find among the warm slant of sun.

  31. I’d love to walk around in the area where you live!

    Bold Shadow

  32. I like “weary twilight”! Another awesome capture.

  33. great picture and words today

  34. tangled branches will definitely not be very comfortable. image and haiku go well together. nicely done.

  35. It really does! This haiku is amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  36. I was captivated by the image and afterwards by the beauty of your haiku, lovely!

  37. Nice capture and great haiku

  38. Awesome! Very well written and that photo … well you did it again MMT … leaves me in awe.

  39. Stunning, misty light tones! And a magical haiku!

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