The Onion Pickers

Haiku Heights

The onion pickers,
hoping that they will not starve,
bend to the harvest.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More September Heights: “Starve”

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  1. Reminds me of some people i knew who ate raw onions for food!!!

    Life in starving rocks!

  2. This is moving and strong – I enjoyed it.

  3. Ah… this is touching, MMT. But it’s a necessary step at times I guess.

  4. This haiku brings many thoughts to mind, Particularly the hardships of the migrant workers who toil so long for so little.

  5. There’s a nice irony in this.

  6. Touching haiku which reminds me of poor pickers in my country.
    Humble onions feeding hungry people…
    Deep social meaning, well done!

  7. This is haunting. I love how you used this prompt to suggest so much more than you actually said!!

  8. I can understand.. I know people who eat chapatti (Indian bread) and onion.

  9. Some truth about society described so well it’s like actually observing onion pickers (which I haven’t in real life).

  10. Little sad image .. but so is life sometimes !

  11. Good one. Laborers working hard to get their harvest in.

  12. Farmers… they ensure that we are fed…
    Though they starve.,..

  13. Sad ..but this is how life is moving…

  14. I like the way you have been specific.

  15. A thought when eating produce… well done

  16. I love how you expressed the plight of migrant workers in so few words. Wonderful!

  17. Beautiful ending to an amazing haiku. Enjoyed the last line immensely!

  18. very Nice with a sense of the real which is so easy to relate to

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