Hummingbird Heaven

View of Zacatecas, México from Cerro de la Bufa

bright crimson blossoms
high above the city streets—
hummingbird heaven

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lovely take on the prompt !!!

  2. Will visit this place one day. This dream will come true, by hook or by crock §:-)

    Great shot!

    Happy SSS2.

  3. The desert area looks a bit of sepia sand, not colorless but dry. The red flowers atop the hill overpower the scene and become the new focal point for both human and hummingbird alike. Nice vista!

  4. Lovely, colorful shadow shot for the day and a great shot of the desert as well! Have a great weekend!

  5. Far above white walls
    Red flowers and a white tree
    Waiting for the birds.


  6. Great take on the prompt. I really like this one.

  7. Tremendous. You really understand nature.

  8. And those red blossoms , so provocative and seductive , who could resist?

  9. SO true… any bloom is such a heaven for humming bird… and when the blossom is at the most unexpected random place it’s a blessing in itself!!! Love the whole thought!!!!

  10. I enjoyed this way of taking the prompt too – it works very well.

  11. “humming bird heaven” indeed. What a beautiful setting.

  12. What a wonderful picture … great haiku mmt

  13. How could any hummingbird resist such a lovely spot? Very nice.

  14. Hummingbirds are smart flying high away from the busy cities.

  15. I bet the little hummers do love those beautiful flowers, but I hope they take in the amazing view too. Breathtaking!

  16. nice take I found the prompt hard this time

  17. Would be heaven for me too.

  18. It’s serene and quiet. The birds know what is best for them! Nicely MMT


  19. fantastic scene accentuated by the red flowers!

  20. Such powerful light defining even distant detail! And the touch of red adds such a burst to the photo! Beautiful!

  21. I like the picture of blossoms looking over the streets!

  22. crimson blossoms are surely an attraction for hummingbirds…

  23. Stunning photo and haiku

  24. Lovely canna.

    Family Shadow
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  25. What a stunning shot – so spare on the balcony and the view of the city below. Great sadows and haiku!

  26. very scenic, with great shadows; those flowers look like canna lilies; there were a lots of them in my father’s garden when i was a child

    much love…

  27. A beautiful photo of a lovely spot. Should be in a travel brochure.

  28. Lovely response to the prompt!

  29. What a great shot and perspective…really stunning.
    Nicely done.

  30. I want to go there and wander like a hummingbird …

  31. Have you posted either this photo or haiku or both before? They seem incredibly familiar. Maybe that’s a false memory, but I thought I’d seen them before and liked them before. Can’t hurt to like them again 🙂

  32. Great shot. I love the shadows and stillness of the afternoon in desert climate. Beautiful.

  33. Lovely lacy leaf shadows and a wonderful pop of red that the hummingbirds would love (and so do I). — thank you for sharing and for hosting.

  34. I like your take on the prompt. The flowers are beautiful, so I can see why the hummingbirds are attracted to them.

  35. Love the photo and haiku

  36. Beautiful, the height of the city! Thank you for visiting me too.

  37. How smart hummingbirds are to find nectar so far up!

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