Half a Whirl with Yeats



The first line of each haiku or senryu is taken from “A Prayer for My Daughter” by William Butler Yeats.

This week’s whirling words are: damp, trapped, husk, shook, bring, corners,
bundles, climbed, bolts, storm, remain, ash


May she be granted
bundles of inspiration
and perseverance.
~~ ~~ ~~
Minds that I have loved
crumbled to ash long ago—
flowered serpent, come.
~~ ~~ ~~
May her bridegroom bring
in the covert of his hand
trembling wrens of joy.
~~ ~~ ~~
Is no obstacle
present to be climbed over?
Then I shall make one!
~~ ~~ ~~
Upon the tower
three guards remain in waiting,
lest the foe appear.
~~ ~~ ~~
Many a poor man
has taken the damp towpath
and lost his footing.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. love your ingenuity – the 4th one is truly inspirational for those of us who find the going tough.

  2. A perfect set … each one with a message !!!

  3. I enjoyed reading your pieces.

  4. Very clever, and so wise in content.

  5. A wonderful set. My fav is the first one. It implores the best for her! Nicely MMT


  6. All of them seem to whisper of fairytale. Especially like the second one because of the flowered serpent. Beauty that holds a bit of darkness perhaps?


  7. The first one was written for me to read it. That’s what a true pearl of wisdom IS. Every week you grace us with something beautiful and profound. My heart opens.

  8. Wow! Yeats, haiku/senryu, and Wordle! Nice! I especially like the second and the last in this set. And thank you for your kind comment on my entry!

  9. I favor the first…
    Thanks for stopping by. As for altered apostrophes…in my mind an old bent man looks like such a piece of punctuation and our renewed Wizard now standing straight as an explanation point still has some ’rounded curves’ to investigate… Well that was my thought anyway.

  10. “Is no obstacle
    present to be climbed over?
    Then I shall make one!”

    Your words find me at a perfect time. Thank you for your sweet words over at my place- and for leaving me with a smile.

  11. As always, these are small perfect gems – I particularly like the final one – it has the ring of Confucius to it … very nicely done …


  12. Thank you so much for your beautiful words!

  13. Oh good stuff!

    Anna :o]

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