Haiku Heights

God I cannot see,
are you the gift or giver—
or both or neither?

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More September Heights: “Paradox”

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  1. The everlasting question … caught in a paradoxal haiku. Well done.

  2. much pondering in such questions I thought it is quite clever

  3. I like the question format, thought provoking ~

  4. Paradoxical questions indeed – put very elegantly.

  5. a question of faith, I guess….

  6. I know I can’t see God. I don’t see how I can’t know God.
    Great haiku!

  7. The eternal question, elegantly asked!!

  8. An age old question – well done,,,

  9. If you had the answer to this,you would know too much and then you would lose your wonderment which you would not like!

  10. Questions being thrown in, in paradox cycle. Nicely MMT


  11. Such a conundrum, beautifully put!

  12. The eternal question with no answers. lovely and strong

  13. Both, and neither! Very simply put.

  14. Beautiful question…:-) and a lovely haiku..

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