Tangled woodpile

Sundown, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

A tangled woodpile—
home to creatures great and small—
lizard, bird and ant.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. You did it again … what a wonderful photo and than that haiku going with it. Chapeau a wonderfully composed haiga.

  2. You do the best haiku!

  3. I love that you notice what ‘home’ means to other creatures!

  4. You are simply awesome … Always 🙂

  5. Sylvia Kirkwood

    Beautiful skies, a terrific capture and I love your composition and your wonderful words! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  6. Catherine, Riviera

    a very striking shot

  7. This pile of bramble looks almost alive, as if they are like the trees in the old movie Snow White that are grabbing at her. The file might be considered waste by some, but it is organic and life-like by me…Nice!

  8. Lovely words, beautifully composed picture…and I was thinking before I read your words about the lizards and birds who undoubtedly make use of that bit of shelter in the desert!

  9. there’s no place like home!

  10. I can hear them now
    but not so much the lizards and ants 🙂

  11. Fully integrated Sonoran tenement. As always, teacherman, outstanding mix of word & picture. Kudos.

  12. Wonderful composition.

  13. I love silhouette shots…this is was is great.

  14. Terrific work here…. just great!!

  15. A place for creatures to hide in the shadows.

  16. This is beautiful MMT!

    My Shadow Shot
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Beautiful….love how the sky helps dramatize the whole scene!!

  18. Lovely shot… Seems to be a place to mull over things…! Nice haiku too

  19. You’ve done it beautifully – ♥

  20. It is a wonderful picture and your thoughts about it are wonderful. I wish you a great sunday!

  21. We find beauty and meaning in the most mundane places. Well done!

  22. Humble home for humble creatures, classical and inspiring haiku, excellent in its simplicity.

  23. Love how elements of the tangle seem to be reachibng for the light! Beautiful!

  24. aloha Magical Mystical Teacher – an intriguing image. i’ve always been fascinated by just how full of life a desert can be. – not all places in a desert but a lot. an intriguing place to explore – homes. cool. aloha.

  25. There’s no inch of land which isn’t home to someone or something! Very well done 🙂
    Live to die at home!

  26. Great picture, love thinking of the life within.

  27. I never tire of your desert photos. And love the truisms of your haikus.

  28. Interesting and mystical:)

  29. The whispy texture
    Of clouds, a perfect backdrop
    For tangled bramble.


  30. nice nature roosting

  31. A home to those creatures, for sure, but it sure has elements of SPOOKY written all over it!

  32. Great pic that captures that windy bleak sadness at that time of day.

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