Desert junk

Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Even the shadows
enshrouding desert debris
are singing for joy.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Awesome haiku. I enjoyed reading. What a great picture you’ve enclosed in this post.

    Chevrefeuille a.k.a. Basho2012

  2. beautiful photo and haiku! enjoy your haikus very much!

  3. Intriguing photo… what is it? An old ‘shelter’??? Why make it out of metal?I love the words you wrote with it!

  4. It could be a deliberate sculpture?

  5. rust, sand and shadows…yup…i am singing for joy also!!! love it!!

  6. Lovely skies, sand and shadows and I can see the rusty piece has open mouths to sing from!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Oh, me! Oh, my! This has all the things that I love! A rusted, aged and textured surface that has so many stories to tell! I’m singing too!

  8. Shadows singing … what a wonderful picture you created with your words !!!

  9. The shadows suggest blue skies and sun – things we too can sing for joy about!

  10. I would sings for joy with those shadows!

  11. Beutiful and mystic. Shadows in the desert are always wished for.

  12. Beautiful picture. Great haiku. Must be a wonderful place to even have happy shadows.

  13. Yo, teacherman; once again you knock it out of the park. Kudos!

  14. Terrific!!

  15. Beautiful sense of art from such unexpected, undervalued subjects! Fascinating shadowy light!

  16. THIS is splendiferous. Great Haiku – architecturally matches the image

  17. Really interesting how the rust colored whatever it was echoes the colors of the desert so beautifully. You have such a great eye!

  18. You always find unique subjects to photograph.

    Vegetable Universe Shadows
    Have an enjoyable weekend!

  19. nicely done

  20. Not sure just what the desert debris is, but it does make an interesting photo and great shadows too!

  21. How strange. I love strange.

    Great colors and textures in this one.

  22. Lovely rusty stuff with shadows.

  23. What a mysterious form in the desert. But it is very pretty decay. And the singing joy of the shadows is a nice mentor for this picture.

  24. That is so cool. I wonder what it was?

  25. Beautiful! Love the words. Happy sky watching.


  26. Love this capture, simple, yet involved.

  27. I loved the optimism here. Nice one. 🙂

  28. hmm…what do you suppose it was? Nevertheless, even in the process of wasting away, it is quite strikingly beautiful.

  29. I have to wonder too, what is this and who left it there?

  30. Super haiku x very artistic photo too x

  31. almost as if the shadows are smiling.. very lovely haiku here. Brought a smile to my face.. Love the photo too of the Sonoran Desert.

  32. Very lovely, and for such a photo this is akin to magic. I get it and I like it!
    Thank you, too, for visiting my haiku!

  33. Great photo and perfect matching haiku. An achievement to make desert debris a thing of beauty:)

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