Wounded Sands

Blue junk
Shattered plastic barrel, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

no nightingale song—
only the plaintive keening
of the wounded sands

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Any clue as to what the junk is?

  2. Happy Blue Monday! Lovely photo 🙂

  3. Hmm, I wonder what that is? Great little poem to go with it.

  4. What was that? It is so blue-tiful!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Blue pollution of the dessert … and not a little song of a Nightingale. So sad … well written haiku MMT.

  6. Great shot!

    My Blue Monday are here and here.

  7. Wounded Sands…very appropriate and thoughtful. Happy Blue Monday!

  8. What is that? Great find, great shot and great words!

  9. Really cool contrast of the natural hues and the plastic blues!


  10. I love the phrase “wounded sand” – quite meaningful !!!

  11. Very profound and well written

  12. A sad and long forgotten blue thrown to the sands of time.

  13. Great description that invokes the “wailing of the sand.” I’m reflecting on the phrase we used with our kids when we went hiking, “Pack it in, pack it out.” Great post!

  14. Interesting thanks for sharing Happy Blue Monday 🙂

  15. My thoughts went to that plane wreck a year or two ago – father and two sons, remember? I know it probably isn’t but had feelings of sadness not only for sands but whomever may have been in blue thing.

  16. Great find! Love the words

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