In This Tumultuous World

The politicians keep telling us that the way things are
Is not good enough, and that everything must change
In einen Augenblick, as my German grandmother says.
It’s all right if the true believer flees the wrath to come.
It’s all right if you can’t stay upbeat when your mother dies.
It’s all right if you have to scramble for a living.
Let the hungry waves keep nibbling at the shore.
Let the rotten fruit melt slowly back into the earth.
Let the swelling notes of migrating geese close your throat.
It’s all right if you find enchantment in the depths.
It’s all right if you lose the key to happiness.
It’s all right if the one you hope to charm does not respond.
In this tumultuous world, where broken bones abound,
It is enough to whistle feebly when the lights go out;
It is enough to enable one small child to laugh.


© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I am whistling feebly this week and it is all right because I heard the geese! Thanks for this.

  2. “It is enough to enable one small child to laugh.”

    indeed, simple pleasures in this tumultuous world makes life worth living… one’s own life, one’s own rules. what a thought provoking piece!

  3. So many wonderful thoughts in your poem – being okay with life not being perfect but also knowing when it is enough. Really great poem!

  4. It’s not a perfect world. We have to admit it. Adjustments are necessary just to survive and remain comfortable! Nicely MMT!


  5. I love love love
    “Let the swelling notes of migrating geese close your throat.”

  6. When you let your haiku hair down, you write a wondrous wordle. Bravo

  7. Love the notes … it really is a hard world !!!

  8. Wow! This is absolutely brilliant! Philosophical and introspective!

  9. I found your poem absolutely beautiful, it took my breath away. These wordles give us a golden opportunity to experiment, to explore, and to create. Thank you for sharing your gold and your wisdom with all of us,


  10. MMT, I am with Viv, a wondrous poem indeed. I love the ending about the child smiling, it is one of the things in life that is reassuring, isn’t it?


  11. I enjoyed this a lot. So much to think about. Some of these things are definitely NOT all right. I could see this being sung with a guitar accompaniment.

  12. especially loved the third and fifth stanzas

  13. Life is a paradox isn’t it.
    Perfect because of its imperfections

  14. I loved this poem SO MUCH. Yes, it is all right, all of it and we do our best with it. Love your closing line.

  15. We have to hope it’s enough…
    Great post!

  16. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Nicely done! I have to agree with your conclusion. 🙂

  17. your last stanza is wonderful!

  18. Such a deep, philosophical take on the current state of the world. Thank you for this insightful poem!

  19. a testament to the daunting challenges we humans face, and to the knowledge that nothing and no one is perfect, but still can feel whole…

  20. It is alright…how well you’ve said it. It’s a well-thought out and presented poem. Very nice.

  21. Some of the ‘Old world lessons’ are indeed valuable. Some things do not need to change. If we could only learn that laughter is one of the best medicines.

    Thank you for the visit to my story verse for the Sunday Whirl 81. I’ve two up in Mr. Linky for this week, one is the story verse the other is not. I had a challenge with Mr. Linky this week and hope to do better next week. Enjoy either (or both):

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