Blue glass
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

to glow though broken,
to shine despite the gloaming—
the nature of things

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I really like this picture… it is one of those shots that if you let your imagination go can tell you a whole story.


  2. very, very powerful, though fallen!

  3. I like the poetry of this line, “to glow though broken.”

    Happy Blue Monday.

  4. wonderful capture! I feel that sometimes people can glow thru broken too….

  5. beautiful words and a great photo – very thoughtful x

  6. Your pics are always so great !!!

  7. Good poem and image!

  8. A great composition makes this to a perfect photo Blue Tuesday. Well done!

  9. Makes me wonder where it’s been and where it came from. Great picture!

  10. What a sad broken bottle until your wonderful haiku points out that it still has beauty!

  11. The bottle looks much like the vintage Philips Milk of Magnesia bottle that sits in my kitchen window. Watch where you’re stepping; we don’t want you to be pierced by it.

  12. Nature could teach us a lot about glowing despite being torn down.

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