Wilderness journey
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

wilderness journey—
a flickering lizard’s tongue
shatters the silence

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. You can get lots of lizards in these places !!!

  2. aloha Magical Mystical Teacher – i like the implied sound from what the hunter lizard has caught with this flick of the tongue. cool.

  3. ‘Slurps’ would be the sound in Finnish! 🙂

  4. I like the image of the lizard’s tongue shattering the silence ~

    Nice one ~

  5. Your noticing that sound and sharing it, enriches your readers.

  6. i now see the lizard in my mind’s eye. the strip of green hue between the sky and land…soft subtle color…love this picture.

  7. Is that a sound that one can actually hear? That is amazing.

  8. Ah, nature impedes on nature.

  9. very nice take on the prompt

  10. That would be an interesting sound.

  11. With the massive summer heat somewhat abated, the once harsh looking desert offers its softer side. It may be quite warm down there actually, but the shadow and pale blue sky offer a more comfortable visit…

  12. I can clearly understand that in a silent world, the tongue of a lizard can be heard.

  13. A magical photo veiled in the magic of silence and stillness! Beautiful!

  14. What a crystal clear description of silence.

  15. You’ve captured the stillness of the desert.

  16. Yes I agree the stillness of the desert . I can hear the rattle of a snake there as well..The photo is stunning. Great combo.

  17. very beautiful… have a terrific Sunday!

  18. beautiful light and shadows in your photo!


  19. Such a beautiful spot.

  20. Beautifully framed. And I love the image of a lizard’s tongue shattering silence. Nice!

  21. That is such a lovely, thought provoking picture. I can almost see myself walking barefoot , leaving my foot prints in the hot sand.

  22. Shattering the silence…that’s perfect♥

  23. Great shot and haiku!

  24. haiku complemented by equally potent shot!

  25. wow. That I would like to hear.

  26. interesting one 🙂

  27. u seem to be a highly observant person..thats how even the sound of a lizard’s tongue caught ur attention 🙂

    Looking forward to ur visit on my blog 🙂

  28. a great (audio-) visual of desert life

  29. Lovely capture of the moment!

  30. Nice long shadows! Love it. Thanks for visiting mine. Enjoy the week.

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