Dusk, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Deep desert silence—
struggle to hear the voices
muffled by the earth.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Oh, I love your words here!

  2. This photo goes with your haiku so well. I love that desert silence.

  3. perfect pairing

  4. lovely words and photo


  5. Silent desert … isn’t that creepy?

  6. brilliant…..love the combo of pic and poem

  7. There are so many secrets the desert holds. Beautiful haiku.

  8. Beautiful words and photo. A very powerful haiku here, MMT. 🙂

  9. Silent desert is close to the winter silence actually. and I love the Sonoran Desert.

  10. spooky! kind of like the the Tony Hillerman book I’m presently readin

  11. Hostile it may be but the desert is still a beautiful place and remarkably so full of life. Dusk is a scary time though …can you get back safely in time?

  12. Like an ink blotter : )

  13. I so agree; and miss the desert.

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