Tree litter
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

twisted limb-litter
cluttering the wilderness—
whispers of a tree

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Love this pic. I grew up in southern Arizona and really miss it.

  2. Wow that looks like a tree full of history.

  3. That is one beautiful picture – textures, shapes, movement, lighting. Perfect! The haiku is lovely, too – whispers of a tree. They speak no matter what condition they’re in.

  4. {{ lovely motion
    in word*cadence
    and photo~line …

    reminds me of driftwood
    i find
    on our beach
    sometimes …

    wood drifting
    for me

    ♥ }}

  5. intriguing photo…and perfect haiku – love the whisper of a tree

  6. Your words and your photo – perfectly entwined.

  7. I’m sitting in its folds… listening.

  8. Oh, wouldn’t it be great to know this trees history!! What an awesome capture and the perfect words! Have a great weekend!!

  9. I would love to hear those whispers, what a story that would be.

  10. I would love to hear those whispers, what a tale that would be. Not sure why this isn’t showing up here. I love your site.

  11. Think of all the hugs this tree had in it’s life!

  12. What beautiful litter!

  13. this calls to mind the question is the tree’s form that makes it a tree or is it the nature of the tree that makes it a tree no matter its form?

  14. Flott bilde:))
    Ønsker deg ei god helg!! :))

  15. Whisper of the tree ~ I love this ~

  16. Love the whisper of sunlight lingering there as well.

  17. A wonderful and sad story told in 17 syllables.

  18. How does it happen… have I said something similar in a different way..MMT..long time no see..wasn’t able to vvisit.. well here I am and would love you to have a look what I have to say..


  19. limb-litter still whispers tree

  20. Stunning….image and words. Enjoyed ‘limb-litter’ especially.

  21. perfectly matched …. pic and words ! loved it !

  22. Love this. Both perfect words and wonderful picture.

  23. beautiful poetry – so atmospheric

  24. Impressive pic of a twisted fallen tree in its bones… and another brilliant haiku: the tree looks dead but we can hear it whispering… lovely.

  25. The ancient bones of a dinosaur (not quite) tree. I love it.

  26. Whispers of a tree – love this part!!

  27. impressive haiku with equally impressive picture!

  28. I liked the line “Whispers of a tree”
    Beautiful one

  29. Love the whispers of a tree

  30. Whispers of a tree — very powerful!!
    Standing People

  31. awesome thought for a tree …

  32. when I see branches now I’ll think of them as whispers of a tree.

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