Golden Lace

Saltcedar at dusk
Tamarisk tree (saltcedar), Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Dancing at twilight,
clad only in golden lace—
Lady Saltcedar.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. oh, it is like golden lace…..
    Happy Sunday!

  2. back lit with shadows…beautiful golden shot!!

  3. Elegant Lady Saltcedar. Nice pic.

  4. Catherine, Riviera

    what a lovely autumnal shot…

  5. In the desert leafless land, Lady Saltcedar dances in a goden costume, adding a bit of style and art in a barren place…accenting the performing art of nature…

  6. And a lovely lady she is!! The perfect, beautiful touch for an otherwise desolate looking desert! Beautiful capture as always! Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. really, really lovely !!

  8. Breathtaking picture.

  9. Very imaginative lines inspired by your picture 🙂

  10. Such a pretty and delicate branch..Never heard of saltcedar.

    The golden glow is such a contrast to the barren desert. And your words work perfectly with the photo.

  11. Beautiful gold light on this fragment of life! Gorgeous photo!

  12. You have such a lovely collection of pics and haiku of different desert Ladies! I love this one too, the Tamarisk tree.
    Thanks for sharing so much beauty. My idea of the desert is changing…

  13. ooh, I love this! and…I learned about a new tree.

  14. Love the light backdrop on those golden needles – looks like lace!

  15. Awesome capture MMT!

    Shadow of Snowman
    Have a lovely weekend. Come and drop me a line or two when you get a chance.

  16. Amazing photo. I had not heard of the Tamarisk Tree before.

  17. Like I’ve seen such leafy pattern on a girls’ lace dress collar. Refreshing – ♥

  18. Lovely picture! Beautiful one MMT

  19. Hello MMT !
    This is absolutely beautiful .. gold on gold .. the Tamarisk tree is such am exceptional tree and yes! .. with a little wind .. gentle breeze .. I can well imagine it dancing ever so elegantly.
    Joy : )

  20. so beautiful!

  21. mmm Yes, Indeed! Thanks for your visit to my tree where you left these titles for me to explore.

  22. Gorgeous. Something new to me, too, the Tamarisk tree.

  23. What else can I say except echo everybody else’s comments

  24. Beautiful imagery in your haiku and a fittiing portrait of a tree.

  25. lovely, demure, like the tree itself, both haiku and picture complement eachother.

  26. Golden Lace indeed!!!! This is post card perfect. Love the lighting in this.

  27. This is beautiful. I loved your post 🙂

  28. nice; the setting, the movement, the mood

    much love…

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