Wilderness Way

Wilderness way
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

On Buddha’s birthday
a way in the wilderness
opens before me.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on November 28, 2012, in Arizona, Basho, Carpe Diem, Ein Stück Himmel, haiku, Haiku Heights, Haiku My Heart, Recuerda Mi Corazon, Straight Out of the Camera Sunday. Bookmark the permalink. 18 Comments.

  1. I love the spiritual connection here !!!

  2. Stunning in it’s expression of “The Way”

  3. Awesome haiku MMT … I like the spiritual meaning of this one and I am glad to see that you have used Buddha in your haiku. Buddha and Buddhism are very well part of haiku.

  4. What a wonderfully composed haiku on the prompt for today. I love the deeper meaning of this one. Buddha and Buddhism are part of haiku and also part of nature.

  5. Great photo of a beautiful landscape!

  6. i really like your style! thanks for joining us 🙂

  7. ‘a way opening in the wilderness ‘ is a symbol for awakening, very profound!

  8. auspicious… may your journey be blessed.

  9. Yes, the Way always opens before us, if we are patient on the journey. Thanks for sharing your writing. It is a blessing.

  10. and your beautiful haiku opens before me…

  11. Always a lovely photo that accompanies your haiku.

  12. ..and such a beautiful and beckoning and wilderness it is!

  13. I hope you followed it!

  14. I bow to this way… and enter.

  15. Such a beautiful atmosphere in this delightful scene!

  16. What a delightful and insightful haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

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