Virgin de Guadalupe
Virgin of Guadalupe by native artisan, Galeria Atotonilco, Atotonilco, Guanajuato, México

Refuge for all souls,
as we journey, still the storm,
lead us safely home.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. ah, if such magic were only true. and if only a safe home existed. instead, we have our real lives — were we struggle with ourselves and others to learn safety. Fun image of that human made effort

  2. Nice take on the prompt ~ a refuge indeed for the storms in our lives ~

  3. oh but such magic is indeed true and a safe refuge indeed does exist! beautiful image symbolising the refuge of Wisdom

  4. Yes….a soul can find peace here.

  5. Wonderful. We all need a shelter !!!

  6. agreed..a soul CAN find peace here. great post mmt!!

  7. Very well said… refuge can be found only here for the restless stormy mind!

    Stuck in race of time

  8. Great shelter for the soul.

  9. A great shelter indeed and a lovely shadow shot for the day!

  10. The beauty of salvation comes in many forms. It’s the belief not so much the form. Truly said MMT!


  11. Beautiful x very pignant and similar to a bit of my post which mentions Our Lady of Prinknash

  12. Praise me Lady Mary… what a great captured. So peace & calm. Love the shadows too.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day and continue to have a great w/end.


  13. I miss doing Rebecca’s ‘Virgin a Day’…your post is a wonderful reminder of that great event.

  14. With hands folded, the virgin prays for our safety as we do likewise. We will arrive at our refuge in spirit and safety…

  15. Refuge from the storm
    what a gift she offers

  16. Beautiful!! Love the artists take (as well as your words!!)

  17. Her light never fails us.

  18. Just beautiful and yes we all need refuge from a storm. Thank you.

  19. For some reason I lost my comment. Needless to say that we all sometimes need refuge from a storm. Beautiful. thank you.

  20. “come in she said i’ll give you shelter from the storm…”
    robert zimmerman

  21. I so love the dark skinned Virgin of Guadalupes…no wonder she is the special saint for the people of Latin America. Wonderful haiku, as well!

  22. I remember Lady of Guadalupe, I’ve seen some of those statues in the Philippines as well.

    My Shadow
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  23. Always something comforting in being led safely home.

  24. Through prayer we can find refuge. 🙂

  25. Thank you for the nudge about the word verification – I was blissfully unaware and have figured out how to turn it off

  26. *You know, you do need mentors, but in the end, you really just need to believe in yourself.*
    Diana Ross

  27. What a lovely prayer! what a lovely haiku!!

  28. I once heard it said that Mary (or Guad) is the approachable face of God — the sister and dear friend who holds our heart gently and sheds her tears for our pain.

  29. strange sculpture. I wonder what the blue is about. Water?

  30. on many levels a great haiku

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