Virgin of the Bath

Anado's Wine Bottle Virgin
Virgin of Guadalupe by artist Anado McLauchlin, La Cieneguita, Guanajuato, México

Bathe us in your grace,
that we may weather the storm,
Virgin of the Bath.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Your photos and words have inspired me to plan a visit to the Southwest! (And your prayer is mine too)

  2. My goodness. Unusual monument. Virgin of the recycled bottles. Very Vatican 2.

  3. A most unusual and beautiful shrine……I love the quirkiness of it!

  4. This is most beautiful. I love this photo. This just inspires me so much. Thank you. Love the title.

  5. What a great find

  6. OH my. That does make a statement, doesn’t it.

  7. ah well…that’s a very familiar mary…indeed!

  8. how perfect!! virgin in a star filled bathtub!!!

  9. Such an inspirational post. Your words and your picture are so touching. This is a beautiful sculpture of the Virgin Mary. genie

  10. Mother Mary in a bath tub. Now that is a real bathing beauty.

  11. Great find for MYM. Have a fabulous week!

    Liz (yacb)
    Liz (mlc)

  12. wow, this is definitely different and interesting!

  13. I love this! Those glass bottles framing the tub are so cool!

  14. Love the ‘bottled’ shrines ~ great photo and haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger ^_^

  15. Really beautiful and I love your haiku for her.

  16. I wonder if those bottles mean something or they are just decorations.

    My Blue Monday.

  17. Okay…..that is ONE awesome bathtub Mary!

    For sure that would count for Mrs. Spadoman getting two points! 😉

  18. Great verse and picture!

  19. Amazing colours and coordinated bottles 🙂

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