Hiding Place

Fallen saguaro
Fallen saguaro cactus, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Desert mice huddle
under an old saguaro,
hiding from a hawk.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. a beautiful sculpture-nature made, captured by you.

  2. Had to look for more carefully for the entrance to their home, but it is there. When I see things like this, I always wish I could take it home-such an elegant, organic ‘sculpture’ it is!

  3. The law of the jungle suggests that there are no bad places in which to escape…

  4. Awesome photo MMT, as others said already … it’s a wonderfully sculpted old Saguro really nature’s her own sculptor. I love the haiku with the imagery you have painted in it with your words. That little mice seeking shelter for the Hawk … also that’s nature.

  5. I like your photo AND the vision of the little mice seeking shelter…thank you MMT

  6. very beautiful. It looks like trees i have seen many times.

  7. I remember seeing the old saguaros in the desert. And your haiku telling a wonderful story. Thank you

  8. Smart mice! It’s probably cooler there, too.

  9. Ancient saguaro
    Died of desert starvation
    I can see his ribs


  10. You are a magnificent story teller 🙂

  11. These wonderful old desert woods create such artistic shapes! Lovely!

  12. I bet in this environment its shade is more than welcome !

  13. great composition; not to be left out those awesome clouds and the activity of your haiku

    much love…

  14. I can understand why the mice are huddling: Hawks are formidable foes!


  15. the “skeleton” of the saguaro is unexpected for me! also unexpected are mice in the desert

  16. There is always one small creature who doesn’t make it to safety though. A hawk must eat.

  17. Love it … well done, and I love the photo as well.

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