The Day’s News


Gunman rushes in
to blast away the children—
trigger fingers itch.
His eyes are glassy;
with a sigh he opens fire,
then slicks back his hair.
To lighten his load,
gunman pumps round after round
into each body.
This is children’s blood,
not some strange, milky substance,
pooling on the floor.
The gunman sees only red,
seeking more victims.
Blood-sated at last,
sure that none can top his spree,
gunman offs himself.
In a distant town,
a blind and deaf old woman
devours the day’s news.
Her unfolded hands
listen to the tragic words
in Braille, line by line.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on December 16, 2012, in Postcards from Paradise, Recuerda Mi Corazon, The Sunday Whirl. Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. Each one a little sadder than the last. I am touched by your words.

  2. This is an amazing use of the wordle words. Bravo for form and content.

  3. Sickening beyond belief and, when the next one happens, we will be sickened once again, until they decide to stop making it all about the right to carry a gun and start making it about the right to safety. They chose a gun because they know they can take a massive amount of lives before they’re stopped. It’s time America stopped thinking about money and politics and started putting life, first.
    Deeply moving.

  4. Brilliantly done.

    Horrible. Tragic. Devastating.


  5. i want to find words but i am the deaf blind woman struggling to keep her hands unfolded.

  6. Each letter of your haiku, magicalmysticalteacher, like each dot of braille… pierces my heart…

  7. In truth, my first impulse was to turn away, click myself to a less devastating place when reading your first line. I didn’t. I used these same words to write about a “last chance angel”, and must wonder if America has any idea of how deeply she is in need of such beings. As members of this society must we not take some responsibility for what we have created? And how do we begin to forgive?


  8. Devastating — just like the evil event that spawned it.

  9. Shocking…… hard to find words to wrestle with this, but you did.

  10. A tragic story in your hands makes for a beautiful wordle.

  11. Well, I must say between you and I, we could drown ourselves into a complete depressive stupor. I almost wasn’t able to write anything this week due to the tragedy and then I couldn’t get my mind off of it while writing. Here’s to better and brighter days.


  12. sorry, but I wasn’t ready to read your gruesome words…they are blunt and rough, and kind of ugly. that said, the last two stanzas have a kind of poetry to them, but feel like they’re from a different poem. thanks for sharing.

  13. Such pain and agony in your words. . And I feel the helplessness of the old woman. I pray for her though, not to be hopeless. Peace, teacher.

  14. The Holy Innocents were referred to at this past weekend’s Mass. Certainly 20 such were slaughtered last Friday. Well said about a sad and painful event.

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