The Shepherds’ Story


Shepherds, an echo
from the angel’s startling words
makes you sore afraid.
Shepherds in the field,
all your hardship ends this night
with the angels’ song.
Shepherds from the field,
enter the stable softly,
falling on your knees.

A fuller version of this story can be found in Luke 2:1-20
© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Three Word Wednesday: “Echo, Hardship, Softly”


Posted on December 19, 2012, in haiku, senryu, Three Word Wednesday. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. A nice seasonal theme to the words!

  2. A perfect Christmas poem !!!

  3. Second one hooked me.. I am here with a single haiku..RS:)

  4. All beautiful..but i think the last one was my favourite..jae

  5. This was a lovely way to bring the story to us through the shepherds

  6. Beautifully done, and a nice capture of that part of the story.


  7. beautiful Christmas haikus

  8. This is just beautiful. I am very much enjoying the Christmas writing that I am reading in recent days. The shepherds indeed need to be remembered.

  9. Perfect haiku for this time of year! I think your school is out now? Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  10. Yes I enjoyed the last one too. Enjoy your hols!

  11. Nice! I really like this capture of the shepherds experience that night. Wonderful haiku set.

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