One Flake

Just before Christmas
View through a church window in Southern Arizona

Days before Christmas
even palm trees are longing
for one flake of snow.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. The shuttered, shadowed window gives a sense of sacred peace to this sanctuary! Beautiful!

  2. We just have traces of snow but its not going to be a White Christmas…which I am happy ~

    Merry Christmas to you and yours ~

  3. According to NOAA, there is a slight chance of snow here Monday night. Which means that the same is most likely true in Southern AZ? Maybe? A white Christmas here in the southwest is a welcomed event, for sure! Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. wish i could say the same mmt. it is one thing to have snow gently falling…to have it pelted at you is another. now the snow on the ground is full of pine needles and tree twigs…crazy thing called weather!! love the decorated window shadows. Merry Christmas!!

  5. No snow where I am either.

  6. I imagine, when it snows there, it lasts about a nano-second…..

  7. Beautiful photo – looking out of the darkness into the light. The tall palm trees almost look painted on the sky.

    Even if you don’t have a white Christmas, you can still listen to the song and watch the movie!


    We are in Connecticut and we don’t expect to have one either.

    May your Yuletide season be merry!

  8. Often the dream of snow is lovelier than the reality! Have a blessed and merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your magic!

  9. I watched an old “Monk” last night wherein the daughter of his “nurse” and assistant asked for snow. Of course, it snowed! so…maybe for the palm trees a flake?
    your window display is soft and comforting…

  10. Personification perfect !!!

  11. ha! just one flake…even that can make us and palm trees smile 🙂 Merry Christmas~~

  12. Look For A Lovely Thing

    I enjoyed this one very much. Love the mood and setting you create with so few words.

  13. One flake is enough for me too! Merry Christmas, may His peace surround you!

  14. It could look unique for fallen snow accumulating on those leafy palms…perhaps we could trade some of your AZ sun for a bit of New England snow this winter. Or perhaps not 🙂 A happy and blessed Christmas to you!

  15. Very nice and sad, for the palm tree longing for the fleck of snow

  16. Its funny how good the cameras of today are able to represent the atmosphere and the light in the picture. It make looking at photo’s much more pleasant. Thanks for showing.

  17. I think I would settle for pretend snow, or cotton wool, just so we don’t get housebound on our steep hill.

  18. The longing for snow comes through strongly here. It’s a magic we all need.

  19. Has it ever snowed in the desert?

  20. Careful what you wish for. LOL

    Love the light in the blinds.

  21. Palm trees longing! Fantabulous. I grew up in Phoenix and snow was unknown magic

  22. What lovely reflections! Love your haiku as well.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas (even without the snow!)

  23. Palm trees longing for snow!lovely imagery MMT..Merry Christmas..

  24. Great thought … one flake ! Love the imagery of palm trees and snow !

  25. Love the perspective of that shot. I’m loving the snow that we have. It always makes Christmas more festive!

  26. Well written…I have never been in a snowy place….
    Maybe next year… 🙂

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