Santa’s Helpers

Santa's helpers
Waiting for the Spreckels Organ concert to begin, Balboa Park, San Diego, California

three Santa’s helpers
dressed against the cold and frost
awaiting orders

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Cute! Merry Christmas!

    My entries:
    Liz (mcn)
    Liz (mot)

  2. That is so cute. 😀 *smiles* My Ruby Red entry

  3. Bah – humbug! Santa’s
    Not what he used to be. Now
    He’s gone to the dogs!


  4. Very cute!

    Visiting late from Ruby Tuesday.
    Hope you can still drop me a line at my RUBY post.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. dear all,
    i started early friday with such a bright hope for the day. so many haiku to visit, so many bright promises to fulfill. my day turned quickly on its heels into what became a living hell. for the last three weeks i have been battling extreme health concerns, i share this only to explain why i have been so hard pressed in visiting and leaving comments. yesterday took me to the very edge and this morning although i made it through an adverse med reaction with horrible vertigo, i am weak and undone. i do not like to write about my health issues, something i combat everyday to stay upright and among the living. but i see more and more of our haiku family dwindling away and i am sure many may have mistaken why, and taken it personally that i have failed to visit. this morning i am going to stay up long enough to be sure you all know that you have brought me comfort in my darkest hours without even knowing. for your kindness and patience i thank you with all my heart.


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