Journey’s End

Twisted things
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

At my journey’s end,
every twisted desert thing
sings me welcome home.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. No matter where home is, arriving there is satisfying and reassuring.

  2. You have a way to creating songs…in any situation..this is beautiful… do visit me here..


  3. You’ve come full circle back to the desert. I must say, when I saw the photo today, I knew you were home again. Hope you had a fantastic journey and looking forward to seeing more photos from Ireland and reading, in your wonderful versed style of course, about the trip.


  4. dear m-m-teacher,
    your desert scenes
    always look under~water to my sea*side eyes …
    can the desert wind & the ocean water be sisters ??

    i am thinking yes ♥

    {{ i find
    at home the Journey starts
    once again
    as nothing Waited
    without energy touching it
    whilst one was gone }}

  5. As one of those ‘twisted desert things’ I say ‘welcome home.”

  6. Ah, good to be home ~ lovely haiku about journey end and beginning ~

    A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^ on Blogger

  7. Lovely…such a good feel to this.

  8. From green to golden… we sing your welcome home…

  9. twig fingers reach, reach
    for the solid mass of bark
    soaking up ground heat

  10. this one, dear magical teacher, touched my heart!

  11. the light in your photo is just heart warming!

  12. The golden glow of home, either an ember in the grate or a desert sunset, evokes the same emotion, gratitude. x

  13. Those twisted desert things sit at the door to my home and heart as well.

  14. a song of welcome is an arrival sweetened.
    thank you for brightening mine.

  15. The colours are amazing! Such warmth… I can feel the landscape welcoming you. Lovely haiku!

  16. the branches look like a dancer’s legs…
    the desert must care for you as much as
    you relish it ♥

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