Glasnevin Trust photo Dublin2012-13516a_zps55b40541.jpg
Glasnevin Museum: Ireland’s Necropolis, Dublin, Ireland

Dusk in the graveyard—
why do you plead with the mice
to pray for the dead?

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. strangely comforting
    mice men the midnight choir
    one last ray of light

  2. Can mice pray I wonder? If so, I would ask for their prayers too!

  3. beautiful image… interesting to imagine the mice praying for the dead… perhaps they’d do so without even being asked?

  4. Hhmmm. I wonder if they do.

  5. Lovely picture and quite an interesting haiku!

  6. hmmm ~ very contemplative haiku ~ excellent photo ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. Beautiful image. Happy ESH!

    My entry.

  8. beautiful piece of heaven 🙂 thanx and have a great weekend!

  9. Great capture. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  10. Loved it a… amazing lines … pleading with the mice … emotions well etched out !!!

  11. Many layers of interesting questions beg to be explored in this beautiful haiku!

  12. Lisa at Greenbow

    To me this is a funny image that comes to my mind…people asking mice to pray for them. Especially when mice are so persecuted by man. I can imagine a friend of mine asking mice to pray for her. She had one that lived in her house many years ago. A fine companion. Love your haiku.

  13. black and blue dusk
    falls long upon a mouse
    does he pray for dawn?

  14. well, you got me there…beautiful photo!

  15. Great photo and interesting lines…making us wonder, no?

  16. What the mice know but
    Dusk does not – The living not
    The dead need those prayers


  17. hmm. I’m never considered that. lovely silhouettes of trees and roof-line!

  18. Really enjoyed the concept of pleading with mice

  19. This is beautiful..yes why to pray…why not let the light filter through… here MMT ..do visit..


  20. thats an amusing thought !

  21. Please share about the mice… is it a tradition? Sorry I seek clarity here…

  22. This is just so lovely. I do not seek the story – here, the rhythm in the words comfort me.

  23. Nice picture… I don’t see any mice though 🙂

  24. ooh what a lovely gothic ‘ku. I love it.

  25. Great creative take on the prompt – certainly conjures up images in MY mind.

  26. Because… it is all I have left, these small creatures who navigate through tiny passages into places I can not get to…

  27. p.s. besides… who knows more of men, than mice?

  28. Mice praying for dead! May be they are not afraid of them as we humans are!

    Lovely take on prompt!

  29. I just love this! There’s something always a bit spooky about a graveyard, but more so at dusk.

  30. I didn’t know mice could pray, fab

  31. Great shot – very atmospheric.

  32. Powerful imagery and haiku poem. Loved it.:-)
    Eliz posting on blogspot for HH

  33. do people ask mice to pray for them? interesting!

  34. This appealed to me as I went to my dad’s grave today ~ 20 years since he died today ~ there were little pawprints in the snow from one tombstone to another ~ I found it quite charming actually to think of little creatures running about in the dusk visiting the cemetery’s residents!

  35. I plead to dusk
    To give some honest advice,
    But, alas–it only talks to mice.

  36. Spooky take on the prompt..

  37. That felt spooky. nice pic.

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