Love Story

Church of St Columba, Iona Rd.
St. Columba’s Church, Iona Road, Dublin, Ireland

The faithful gather
to hear the old love story—
Word of God made flesh.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful. The greatest love story of all…

  2. Lindo demais, da perspectiva à luz, perfeito! Bela partilha, um abraço!

  3. Enchanting sense of the sacred in the beautiful arches! Gorgeous design!

  4. Love this photo! I love old churches. We recently started attending a small old church: cathedral ceiling, stained glass, intricate wood carvings…the whole deal. So much prettier than the modern ugly ones churches build now. And Your words are just as beautiful, as usual.

  5. Hello there MMT : )
    This is an amazing shot .. beautiful church!
    Wood with light and shadow is something very special .. I can’t quite pin point what the feeling is when I see it but it is a warmth .. great SSS shot!

  6. Stunning church interior-it can be anywhere in the world, can’t it (and it is!). There is something incredibly grounding and comforting about knowing that.

  7. Wonderful shot of interiors of church.

  8. Wooden kneelers and collection plates — looks like a catholic church to me! But hearing the old love story is worth the price of admission.

  9. The light filtering over the pews indicate that the Lord shines his light on the congregation – a beautiful church and the spirit within…

  10. This sanctuary looks similar to a church in our community that was built by Irish immigrants. The pews are very different, though.

    Beautiful Haiku, as always.

  11. A fresh perspective. Well done!

  12. Exquisite image with the haiku

  13. What a beautiful and unusual church. The wooden benches are so lovely, with their patina and craftsmanship. And I’ve never seen a ceiling in a sanctuary painted black.

  14. … broken heart or not? Love is always my heart is.

    Gorgeous shot!

    Happy SSS-
    /CC girl

  15. The arches are grand!

    Paper Roses Shadows
    Your comment is always appreciated.

  16. Lovely words, beautiful photo.

  17. What an awesome haiku … and that picture … really nice … The Gathering of the Believers.

  18. What a beautiful photo and Haiku. Churches are such beautiful buildings, with their amazing architecture and details. Not to mention the warm inviting feeling you get when you step inside.

  19. A love I guess I will never share. But it’s still beautifully expressed, and old churches can be breathtakingly beautiful.

  20. one cannot hear a love story too many times. your image brings to mind the many forms of worship and love i’ve visited in the world. thank you for sharing the beauty today.

  21. What an awesome church sight to behold.

  22. impressive home for our God! I love the pureness of white.

  23. Your haiku… brings back many memories for me, mostly in song… lifting to the highest point in this lovely space of gathering…

  24. the ultimate love story Amen!!!

    much love…

  25. …the greatest of these is love…such a lovely photo mmt!!!

  26. i love the way the light filters in to hear the ancient love story!

  27. A love story I don’t know, but well written haiku and beautiful picture..

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