Whiffs of Grace

Christ Church Cathedral photo Dublin2012-13178a_zps4f4b706f.jpg
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland

Sometimes paradise
leaks through a stained-glass window,
bearing whiffs of grace.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Stain glass windows are so full of grace and divine creativity ~ lovely haiku and photo ~ MMY

    (A Creative Harbor)

  2. light has a way of making everything holy.
    thanks for a taste of paradise with a side of haiku!

  3. Beautiful! Have a fabulous week!

    Liz (mlc)
    Liz (yacb)

  4. This window is so wonderfully ornate – the beauty of filtering ambient light through coloured glass, once on a blustery and dark day in a church i sat, for a moment the sun broke through, just a shed, enlightened by a sun ray that fell through Mary’s halo, pink, golden, beautiful!

  5. Beautiful. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Powerful, colourful drama in your beautiful haiku complementing the enchantment of those sacred windows!

  7. Very beautiful stained-glass windows.

  8. ah, that is a beautiful stained glass window.

  9. Awesome!

    Happy RT2!

  10. I love most all stained glass. We have them in our chuch but nothing like these.

  11. you continue to take my breath away with your phrasing! I love the thought of whiffs of grace leaking through the stained glass. God bless your week, MMT!

  12. The grace of God is available for all – the beautiful stained glass windows allow the saving grace to filter through the glass. And leaves us with a true sense of peace as we worship in the chapel…

  13. Great work with the picture and the Haiku. They flow together well.

  14. Lovely stained glass.

    Hopping from Mellow Yellow.
    Some Yellows in Children in Costume

  15. For me, it is a full blown bouquet. Beautiful photo, Magic.

  16. Beautifully photographed!

  17. Came here again from RT to admire these beauties again.

  18. Paradise is trickling through your Haiku… Simply beautiful!!

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