Reticulated carcass photo SonoranJan2013850a_zpsb219aedc.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

If these bones had eyes,
would they see the serpent’s tongue
threatening the sun?


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. good questioning

    much love…

  2. That would be scary … bones with eyes 😉

  3. That is a special capture and an interesting observation. Have a blessed week-end.

  4. dragon mystery…
    Happy Friday!

  5. That is an incredible picture! Just in time for Chinese Year of the Snake!

  6. You come out with some great questions.

  7. Great find! Have a wonderful weekend.

    My sky.

  8. Before I read your haiku… I saw a dragon… fallen from the sky…

  9. “if these bones had eyes” o my gosh, I love it! what an image both literal and figurative.
    Like Lea, I imagined a dragon right away!

  10. Love this story!!!

  11. wow… what an amazing image… your haiku rests well beneath these bones.

  12. great – really haiku feel, and mysterious last line..

  13. if they did have eyes, I’d be frozen still! stunning capture

  14. Tough territory. – Margy

  15. excellent contemplative haiku ~ quite the photo ~ Carol of:

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  16. Your poem is full of mystery for me today. I must think about your question. Thanks for sharing your heart ……… your always original and often provocative words!

  17. Surreal, yet real.
    Amazing photo
    Excellent mysterious poem


  18. Have missed the warmth of your posts!!! It is soooo cold here that your picture warms the bones. NO PUN INTENDED!!

  19. a haiku wrapped in mystery….. lovely:)

  20. Excellent thank you.
    The first time I’ve seen a mystery with a skeleton in the desert 🙂

  21. Brings past lives so very much alive! Powerful!

  22. oh oh death is calling. but great shot! thanx 🙂

  23. wow…sometimes you just leave me without words ♥

  24. at first glance, I saw a whale! How silly of me…

  25. Enquists. And i love your choice of pictures

  26. An interesting take on the prompt with the touch of mystery.

  27. would a lifetime of pondering on this question result in an answer?

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