Perilous shadows photo SonoranJan2013317a_zpsdc12ce07.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

From shadows’ peril
is there none to rescue us,
leading us to light?


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Beautiful photo. You ask hard questions!

  2. The eternal question! Had me pondering 🙂

  3. Atmospheric scene beautifully echoed in your delightful haiku!

  4. Perhaps if we walk together………..

  5. exquisite photo and beautiful haiku as well.

  6. Wonderful ~ so many shadows !

  7. I see at least 2 hidden hearts in this photo…
    love is the way ♥

  8. Another good question. I find we can only lead ourselves to light.

  9. I tried to comment from my phone on this….tech challenged person that I am …….it did not appear. to go through. I believe my pearls of wisdom went something like this: perhaps we can walk together and rescue one another………..

  10. Beautiful, mysterious shadow shot and wonderful words as always! Have a great weekend!!

  11. the light. the light is the rescue. beautiful shot mmt!!!

  12. This tree has a scary look – not only blocking out the sun, but those branches look like arms and hands to snatch us should we try to run its gauntlet. An imposing tree, perhaps with the sun overhead it will change its attitude…

  13. There is always hope that someone is there to rescue us.

    Beautiful, mysterious photo and I agree with Robin ~ the light is the rescue.

    I know it’s the desert, but it reminds me of depictions of the swamps that dinosaurs once roamed.

  14. Catherine, Riviera

    what a lovely scenic shot…

  15. But the light will come even if we aren’t led to it.. It will come to us!

  16. Perhaps we need to remove our blindfolds to see where we are being led.
    Enjoyed your haiku and photo.

  17. What a great mystery you’ve set up with your words and image! I always like to think that we’ll find the light…

  18. There certainly in someone to rescue us, if we allow Him. beautifu haiku 🙂

  19. lovely photo to go with your haiku. Your Sonoran images are stellar.

  20. I think dear Magicalmysticalteacher… that there is none but myself who can walk through the shadows peril into the light… perhaps it is us all doing so, that creates the light we so seek…

  21. Feels like a fairytale adventure challenge.

  22. you set a wonderfully ominous tone with the tree’s gnarly branches….sometimes we need to ask for help to find some light..

  23. Very nice feeling tone.

  24. Good question, MMT! Sometimes we get exasperated by other’s tardiness!


  25. You fairly enlightened to me. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  26. Lovely shadowy tree. Its branches parting to show the beautiful sky.

  27. Eternal quest! The shot is a little scary. Haiku is lovely!

    Lord’s Play

  28. This is absolutely stunning!!!

  29. What kind of tree is that? It is so feathery and beautiful! Nice contrast going on too with the evening light.

  30. Breath-taking – such a beautiful photo

  31. That tree looks dreamy to me. And I’m with onestillframe, the ‘light is our rescue.’

  32. What an eery shot of the tree! And that haiky sure highlights it as well!

  33. This does have a magical quality to it. Beautiful.

  34. The eerie darkness of the tree and its spindly boughs set against the pale light create a wonderful mystery! Delightful complementing haiku!

  35. thanks for visiting me and letting me know about Haiku My Heart!

  36. thank you for your note telling me that rebecca’s community is staying in touch. i think that the journey is an individual one, with many like souls along the way.

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