Lord Undergrowth

Undergrowth photo SonoranJan20131778a_zpsa8814adc.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Trembling desert mice—
rescue them, Lord Undergrowth,
from beak and talon.


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That’s the purpose of the undergrowth.

  2. Funny!
    May the poetry god protect you from the syllable cop.

  3. The poetry god probably says ‘trem/bling’ :))

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Did I commit the unforgivable haiku sin and miscount syllables? Would the world end if I did? Heaven forbid!

      I am of the firm opinion that counting syllables does not necessarily a haiku make. Seventeen syllables might or might not be a haiku.

      • trembling is 2 syllables not three. And it’s true, if you miscount and post 18 a least 3 of your household appliances will spontaneously combust and all the digital clocks will blink “haiku fail.” hahah. I am teasing.

        • magicalmysticalteacher

          Yes, trembling is two syllables, making the first line a traditional five syllables. So my household appliances are safe, right? 🙂

      • How right you are, teacher. Lord Undergrowth tickled me! The way you use language to pack each poem full of meanings makes it a pleasure to visit this veritable haiku palace!

  4. haha. “Lord Undergrowth” Love it! Save them

  5. As the sun sets west
    Even the tiny sand mice
    Cast long dark shadows


    • magicalmysticalteacher

      “sand mice”

      I’m going to remember that line and use it somewhere, sometime, somehow. It’s a lovely, gritty image! 🙂

  6. Good imagery. Nicely done. Pic goes well with haiku.

  7. Your voice sounds a little like a prayer from St Francis of Assissi! Creative and interesting!

  8. Lord Undergrowth has a very bushy beard methinks. Love it thank you 🙂

  9. your photos and haiku always feel mystical and magical…You live in a very different place than I have ever been….Also, I don’t understand the other commentors and the ‘syllable count’ thing….It’s not the end all be all of haiku in English,..

  10. what a nice vision. had to read twice to grasp it 🙂

  11. you fit your name most wonderfully today, Magical M Teacher!

  12. A beautiful hiding place for the tiny things in nature!

  13. Nice find ‘Lord Undergrowth’ awesome haiku.

  14. The syllable count discussion was an amazing dessert to the actual beautiful haiku. Thanks for stepping off the edge of the page with this one.

    Say the word “trembling” in southern ( I lived in the deep south for 13 years). It could be stretched and drawled and dipthonhed to take up all 17 syllables. 😉

  15. They need all the help they can get… Lord Undergrowth! 🙂

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