Twilight in the wash photo SonoranJan2013656a_zps21a0a58a.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

birdsong at daybreak
fecund and teeming with joy—
the flute player sighs


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Ah yes, if the birds are singing it must be time for fecundity!! Did you say spring?

  2. Wonderfully created haiku ~

    Carol of : A Creative Harbor on Blogger ^_^

  3. I know I’d be sighing if I were a flute player trying to capture a bird’s song with my breath!

    Silence the Birdsong

  4. the flute player sighs
    but the trombone player rolls
    over – sleeps till nine


  5. Oh! I feel for the guy, very well written.

    BTW, JazzBumpa’s reply is also very nice.

  6. Gourgeous image, beautiful words. Just lovely.

  7. A touch of beautiful melancholy in this lovely haiku!

  8. There is so much in this haiku to savour. Thank you 🙂

  9. Birds singing better than a flute player … that’s so true.

  10. I couldn’t see the birds in the pic, but I could hear them!

  11. aah…I love the image that your haiku fosters in me! stunning sky!

  12. Lovely to understand the poor flute player…

  13. Love that p pinkish color!

    Catching up with Ruby Tuesday.

    Please come and see my RUBY when you get a chance.

  14. Peripatetic Eric

    Like the contrast between bird music and human aspirations.

  15. Very beautiful photo!Thank you for it and have a nice day!

  16. Gorgeous pink sky. Happy ESH.

    My entry.

  17. thanx for your beautiful piece of heaven! 🙂

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