Broken Bowl

Broken bowl photo SonoranJan2013977a_zps6b524ec9.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

verdant broken bowl
holding neither cloud nor star—
my empty belly


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Your pics speak a thousand words always 🙂

  2. Interesting! I love your haiku!

  3. Great capture. Happy ESH.

    My entry.

  4. Very beautiful photo!Thank you for it and have a nice day!

  5. Now this is a unique take on the prompt! I love coming to visit you, to see how you will walk the haiku high wire each day. 😀 I am never disappointed! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love the way the bowl fills the foreground, and the sky is so far away!

  7. Verdant but empty
    Desert irony

  8. This has to be one of my favorite shots of yours, and your haiku is perfect. I love how the background is blurred. Beautiful.

  9. The totally neat thing about an empty bowl is that anything can be put in it. This bowl is broken; if only the pieces could talk, oh the stories it could tell. Wonderful post!

  10. wow… this is such a great haiku… sad. ironic.

  11. Quite the contemplative haiku again ~ great photo ^_^

    Carol of A Creative Harbor on Blogger ^_^

  12. great composition, cloud or star symbolise hope, which is no longer there in the broken bowl.

    simply lovely!

  13. A different take on the prompt Verdant, but I love it … nice photo and the haiku brought a smile on my face.

  14. Wonderful low perspective, makes the shot really interesting.

  15. The masked bowl has another face!

  16. This is brilliant and your haiga never dissapoint.

  17. Peripatetic Eric

    Enjoyed the haiku and photo.

  18. Love it – both the verse and the pic.

  19. Beautiful blue sky. This really contrasts with the empty stomach.

  20. Great color of that bowl… and the location is fitting too. 😉

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