Desert detritus photo SonoranFeb2013763a_zps72e0a732.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Are the rusted things
jealous of those that are free
from blemish or spot?

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. thanx for your interesting piece of heaven 🙂

  2. Only in the way
    That I envy my grandchildren
    Their youth


  3. Very interesting photo!

  4. Great post. Lovely composition!
    Well done!

  5. if they are, they shouldn’t be because rusted things show much character!
    I love how many would see what you find on the desert as trash, you see these things as photo opportunities!

  6. They shouldn’t be jealous — they’re lovely in themselves. (At least they are in your pictures.)

  7. sometimes they may be.. but really, they shouldn’t be. very well-penned. 🙂

  8. Look for A Lovely Thing

    awesome! The shabby chic are never jealous, though.

  9. If they choose to be ~ very reflective haiku ~ Carol of (A Creative Harbor) on blogger

  10. Terrific composition as always and such peaceful skies!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  11. old lady
    nostalgic for brunette locks
    and joints that don’t creak

    However I wouldn’t trade places with a new young thing!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I know where you’re coming from! I don’t understand some older people’s fascination with youth. Been there, done that. Movin’ on!

  12. Ashes to ashes, rust to rust

  13. How do you manage to be so creative all the time! this one is class apart… the rusty can filled with envious feelings.

  14. They must be, very well thought!

  15. I think at 60 I’m often envious of young, smooth unwrinkled skin. 🙂

  16. Perhaps the can is thinking, dig my glorious sunset patina!

  17. very interesting thought.. and the pic goes well with it too.

  18. Love the perspective you captured on this photo. The old rusted paint can is great!!

  19. They’re are the envy for having gone through the works! Nicely MMT


  20. like we that are aging might be jealous of the young? 🙂

  21. Very good point about fruitless jealousy

  22. Nice picture – I think I’d be more jealous of the wide angle lens than youth!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: I have fiddled with my blog template to make the images bigger – let me know if you think its an improvement!

  23. May be some are jealous.

    Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  24. What can I say? Just wonderful

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