photo e4a492e9-b3ee-4946-904c-df56cde52b60_zps3a45274c.jpg
Mission San Juan Capistrano, Southern California

mission bell
stunning the morning
with Godsong


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. What a beautiful, peaceful shot!

  2. I love the antiquity of this shot.

  3. Along with the early bird chirping, our day is starts with the dramatic pealing of the bells and we are reminded of our deity, the maker of our early morning magic…

  4. And this soothes my soul !!!

  5. Beautiful, classic capture for the day and a great shadow shot for the weekend as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. In this sunny morning, I won’t hesitate to climb up, substituting Quasimodo ringing the bell.

    Love the dramatic shadow.

    Happy SSS2…

    Greetings from a melting City of Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  7. Just enough light to bring hope. A call to peace.

  8. how beautiful, in every possible way!

  9. I love the sound that a real bell makes-that vibrational energy paired with the tone is nothing but positive! Truly a Godsong.

  10. this is a nice cast shadow ! and I love your header too !

  11. stunning the morning — what a great line! ^^ i’m so familiar with this early morning sound hehe ^^ lovely photo btw ^^

  12. gorgeous words with a stunning photo!

  13. Delightful fills one with divine love ~ great photo ^_^

  14. Peripatetic Eric

    I can hear that strong bell!

  15. Wonderful shadow shot of the beautiful big bell.

  16. Wow! Wonderful photo MMT … worth a wonderful haiku … nicely done.

  17. Catherine, Riviera

    love the architecture of all the old Missions…

  18. I can almost hear that full deep metal gong .. just that small shaft of light lifting the scenario to a more mystical atmosphere … perfect !

  19. I’ve never thought of it like that before, thanks

  20. it is a great shadow shot. 🙂

  21. Beautiful – the phot and the haiku!

  22. Bells and bright morning
    Sights and sounds are appealing
    As your faith rings forth


  23. Beautiful view of the bell against the sky.

  24. The stunning bell – kind of like your poetry!

  25. Lovely haiga. 🙂 those bells are wonderful

  26. Very strong contrast and nice composition. I can hear bell!

  27. a perfect haiku, a ringing success….I love the stunned morning…

  28. Lovely shot and Haiku! This makes me homesick for Southern California. ❤

  29. Yes, the bell does stun the morning…good point…nice photo too, great match.

  30. Beautiful shot!

    Catching up with Shadow Shot Sunday.
    Your comment is always appreciated !

    Shadow of Forgiveness

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