Mission San Juan Capistrano photo CapistranoMar2012127a_zps716d8b86.jpg
Mission San Juan Capistrano, Southern California

Seeker of wisdom,
the saints of light and shadow
call you to the cross.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I love images like this… those are places I like to visit.

  2. Lovely cross against a blue sky!

  3. Beautiful, subdued yellow wall graced with gorgeous palms as a green contrast! And all forming a wonderful frame for that beautiful cross!

  4. This is one of the most serene places I’ve ever visited!!! Your photo is gorgeous.

  5. Wonderful photo for MMY ^_^ ~

  6. I love your haiku today!

    Have a good Blue Monday.

  7. A beautiful cross to share and the blue sky just sets it off. Lovely photo.
    xo, Jeanne

  8. Great work. Nice Haiku and picture – both say so much.

  9. Shadowy saints? I think I might try to avoid them…

    Wisdom & Murder

  10. I’m a lttle late in coming…but regardless…I LOVE YOUR HAIKU and your words drew me right in!! I am enthralled with the Spanish missions and I just knew the picture was taken at one, even before reading the caption – they’re magical!

  11. your pic called me to the cross….

  12. What a great find. Great shot!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  13. What a beautiful picture and haiku

  14. I love the pictures and your haiku too 🙂

  15. yes, they do. this is such a unique cross display!

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