Saguaro cactus photo SonoranOct20121389a_zps4dd0da83.jpg
Saguaro cactus, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Is it a small thing
to embrace the wilderness
as friend and lover?

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That is a very interesting concept…

  2. high five and raspberries

    not sure about hugging cacti lol

  3. What a wonderful haiku you share here with us on ‘courage’ and that photo … awesome

  4. Even before I scrolled down to your words
    I was thinking it would take courage
    To embrace that cactus

    To answer your question, no – it is quite a large thing


  5. no, it’s not.. but it’s certainly a wonderful thing! excellent haiku ^^

  6. Great photo ~ lovely contemplative haiku ^_^

  7. office cactus
    the prickly manager forbids
    water cooler talk

  8. Nothing is small when it comes to relationships of a friend and a lover! Nicely MMT


  9. If only the wilderness had more friends and lovers to embrace it. Perhaps it would not be disappearing!

  10. wonderful piece of heaven! love the contrast of the colors 🙂 thanx!

  11. No, not a small thing at all. Sometimes we don’t recognise courage when it comes our way.

    The Wren of Courage

  12. It’s a small thing to do but a leap for yourself.. 🙂

  13. I think to embrace anyone or anything is brave.

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