Twisted things photo SonoranJan2013362a_zps2355b501.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Even twisted things
are rejoicing this morning,
so fertile the light.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. fantastic photo and lovely haiku in tribute to nature’s light ~ ^_^

  2. Even the weathered branches soak up the rays of Grandfather Sun. Lovely.


  3. With light comes hope. Great photo and haiku!

  4. Your pictures are always so beautiful !!! And I rejoice with you, too!!

  5. My light this morning was gloriously pink – the trade-off is – a storm is coming. The morning sky never lies! And that means I will feel like a twisted thing by tomorrow morning!

  6. yes, yes… I felt that way about the light this morning too!

  7. Light shone here this morning in its glorious end of winter way. We are not there yet but the light gives hope !
    Happy weekend !

  8. I love the twisted image! So how I feel with pain when I rise each morning. and your haiku is superb, as usual.
    have a restful and glorious weekend

  9. Oh the sun! It can raise the dead♥

  10. Stunning visual. It is amazing what beauty is wrought from heat, wind, and erosiion. Nature’s sculpture.

  11. aah, please share some of that light!

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