Weathered wood photo SonoranFeb20131163b_zpsf438b6c0.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

pulsing desert heat
even weathered wood shimmers
holy the glowing

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Linda demais essa imagem, gosto da força da árvore bruta. Um abraço!

  2. The colors and texture of this wood grain looks like wheat swaying to and fro in a field. Or perhaps like a current of water, the waves tossing the boat. Nature gives us such an interesting view that our imaginations see so much more to see. Natural artistry one might say. Wonderful post!

  3. Well-weathered wood, it has its unique characteristics.

  4. tiny shadows in all the grooves…LOVE this shot mmt. i can feel the heat…looking out my window…i could use it about now!!!!

  5. Cool perspective on this weathered wood, MMT – when I first looked at it I saw a seashell.

    The desert looks warm 😉 we is COLD!

  6. Great shot and perspective as always, MMT! I could use some desert heat here in Seattle these days!! Have a great weekend!

  7. You always amaze me.. MMT… and I leave in awe…lovely pictures always..and befitting haiku..


  8. Weathered wood is actually shimmering, Beautiful pic and haiku combo!

  9. I love the wood shimmering, alive in its transformation.

  10. Nice to know that the dried up
    still shine…must be the soul shimmering through ♥

  11. I love your desert haiku. “holy the glowing” nice. 🙂

  12. This does look like a holy glow !!!

  13. I could imagine in fact, feel the shimmering heat! Nicely MMT!


  14. ‘holy the glowing’. Perfect line 🙂

  15. love the texture and your perspective! writing down your “holy the glowing” to remember it!

  16. I love the detail and shadows in this photo….’holy in the glowing’ – wow

  17. there is something special with old wood. I like the glow they give here.

  18. Lovely image and a shimmering Haiku to match it…

  19. beautiful…love the twisted wood in the shimmering light below too.

  20. The wood itself seems to be moving! nice shot and haiku, of course. Always befitting.

  21. The wood does seem to have a sacredness and to be glowing from within!

  22. Timeless. Hopeful. Lovely as always.

    Shimmering with beauty.

  23. love this shadowy grainy feel to the posts.

  24. You never disappoint us with your finds. Always so different and interesting.

  25. Lots of great texture in that photo For SSS2 ~ lovely haiku as always ~

  26. The textures of the wood are lovely! Great shadows as well! Love your haiku – can feel the heat!

  27. Beautiful image and haiku!
    It appears like shimmering gold to me!

  28. Gorgeous colors and textures. Perfect exposure and composition, too. Nice!

  29. Beautiful, peaceful…
    Happy Sunday!

  30. Great fence. Time has left its marks.

  31. I love the texture too!

    My Shadowy Post
    It’s always a pleasure to read your comment.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  32. Oh what textures drenched in gold!

  33. MMT !
    I can almost feel the heat you are portraying in this shot and dialog.
    The texture of the wood jumps out in this shot with the sunlight .. it is amazing !
    I”m sorry my picture did not show up for you .. it would have been a cool refreshment after experiencing this intense moment of sun and radiating warmth …
    Joy : )

  34. Path leading to utopia!

  35. WOW!! Fantastic picture! When I first saw it, before reading anything, I thought it was rock formations!

  36. Your haiku is amazing!!! The photo is great, but the haiku is perfection.

  37. the warmth of this haiku in very inviting.

  38. I loved the imagery and the way it convays the message! Beautiful haiku!

  39. I have learned to respect, even like the desert. This is great!

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