Footprint in the sand photo SonoranFeb20131557a_zpsa0b36c22.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Someone passed this way,
hoping to find one snowflake
near a grain of sand.


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It’s the other way around here. The sand is there, still under the snowflakes!


  2. Footsteps in the sand are intriguing… who was it, where did he go? I love your haiku and photo!

  3. Yes, there was snow in the desert last week! Having grown up on Tucson, I know that’s a rare delight!

  4. I am hoping to find a grain of sand amidst the snowflakes.

  5. I’m with Karen…but I know beneath the snow is plenty of sand… I live in a place where both coexist.

  6. snow in the desert – mysterious allure.

  7. A moving question laden with physical and metaphorical connections!

  8. ‘Dreamers, aren’t we all.’ ~ Lovely haiku and photos ^_^

  9. Yes Snow in the desert. Apparently he was too late it all melted quickly.

  10. 3 originals waiting to blow away, melt or turn to dust.
    Maybe your haiku will last forever.

  11. I wonder what he (or she) did find when he passed that way! Hopefully it was beauty and solace.

  12. this is a great example of s l o w i n g down and living a moment fully!

  13. ah, yes…snow. where did it and the man go? did they meet anywhere?

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