Wilderness evening photo 903bHAIGA2_zps6b2672cf.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
More Haiku Heights: “Breeze”

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  1. ‘Ancient sands’ – aaaah 🙂

  2. Beautifully weathered location, and lovely imagery in the poem.

  3. Linda paisagem, árida e rústica. Gosto disso, um abraço!

  4. Lovely evening shadows and beautiful words! Always a great way to start my day!! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. The desert floor can be unforgiving under the hot desert sun. However at day’s end, the sand is as soft as the sky, the nighttime shadows cooling the scene…the reward for a long and hard day is the quiet artistry of the pink sky. Sweet dreams…

  6. are you within walking distance to these lovely spots you photograph? love the phrase of ancient sands! so true, I’m sure.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      All these desert scenes are within moments of my back door. The farthest, an ancient saguaro cactus, is about a 10-minute walk, but it takes me much longer, because I’m always stopping to photograph other things along the way!

  7. i always love looking at the textures, hues and shadows of your desert. and your words put the added touch for excellence.

  8. Always such tranquil images you have of the desert. Very calming. Love the time of day you take the images too-such beautiful light.

  9. Romantic whimsy in your delightful haiku! And love the soft earthy tones in your photo!

  10. Your world is silent, only colours remain, lovely!

  11. The words perfectly match the picture ! Good job !

  12. This is a lovely photo and the haiku really evokes the feeling of a still summer night.

  13. Lovely desert shadow shot ^_^ Happy Weekend .

  14. …and to think, in the upcoming months, this wash will be filled with rushing waters from the monsoon rains. Loved this.

  15. loved it! powerful imagery and emotion!

  16. Beautiful scenes you capture in words and pictures.

  17. Your words pulled me right into this desert walk – and it is breathtaking! And then there is the photo with that light! Thank you for this.

  18. Lovely take on breeze. I could only imagine the presence of a breeze, not the absence. Well done!

  19. We’re heading back to the desert on Wednesday for a few weeks after 2 glorious weeks at the ocean. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!!

  20. Perfect haiku – the images you created with words describes it perfectly

  21. Lovely afternoon shadows!

    Shadow Shots
    Your comment is greatly appreciated!

  22. Beautifully written, MMT 🙂

  23. Nice combination of picture and poem.

  24. Your haiku are, as always, stunning.

  25. Great capture of shadows in the evening!

  26. I love this area; you have captured it.

  27. Isn’t it fun, writing on pictures!

  28. I loved the staining of sands !!!

  29. lovley haiku for a desert scene

  30. The photo works well with your sweet haiku.

  31. The capture is just shows the ruggedness of the desert.
    A wonderful complimenting haiku.

  32. Beautifully written MMT. 🙂

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