Whole Again


She is whole again,
the brutal disease vanquished—
no more feasts of tears.
~~ ~~ ~~
She is whole again,
no longer having to grope
her way through darkness.
~~ ~~ ~~
She is whole again—
the transfer from death to life
water in her cup.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Made me think of a baptismal font..an affirming set of verse..

  2. The burden of seeing someone you love die from a horrible debilitating disease is indeed made somewhat lightened with the knowledge of the Resurrection at His Second Coming. I feel your pain and hope time has been able to heal some of the ache.

  3. This makes me think of conversations with my granddaughter about someone who we both loved who died a very difficult death. We often talk about heaven and how now she can walk again and talk again…at last she is CURED….and this I do believe. From death to life indeed. I shed a few tears after reading your poem.

  4. I LOVE THESE! Thank you for sharing this. Timely.

  5. This can be taken two ways overcoming a life threatening disease or coming through the death of a loved one and living again. Either way it touches deeply thank you for these.

  6. the transfer from death to life
    water in her cup.

    Great line that captures it all for me, i loved this

  7. I saw those three words and took a quick turn to the dark side.

    You made it wonderfully positive.


  8. Can’t help but think of normal saline here, with your use of tears and water in the cup – a rehydration cure.

  9. Unusually powerful and with much meaning for those who a been through such an ordeal themselves or as a carer.

  10. Your words made me think of many things one from this world to another. One fighting cancer and winning the battle. Oh how you made me think of Gods triumph

  11. Until I started reading the comments I read this as someone being well and whole again after a bout with a disease–but after the comments I see how one could read it as being whole again after death. Death as the cure is not something I would have thought of. Depends what you believe about an afterlife I think.

  12. A touching poem. Nicely done.

  13. A nice positive use of those three words. Well done!

  14. Ambiguous is not the word, or is it? Anyway, I took it as getting well after being ill, and very nicely done it was too.

  15. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    These have a powerful cumulative effect.

  16. These are like a jab with a finger… right to the heart. Great point made and expressed!

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