Carpe Diem.Feb.2013 photo CarpeDiemlogoFebruary2013_zps1669c7f6.jpg

Royal Siamese,
you of cruel claw and tooth,
who would crave your love?

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on March 6, 2013, in Carpe Diem, haiku, Sensational Haiku Wednesday. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. cats think they are royal all right!
    like your portrayal!

  2. Aha – well done.

    And Mark Redfearn has the answer.


  3. So dramatic and full of emotion! Very nice!

  4. Not I ,said the bird lover, not I!!

  5. a friend had a siamese – the nastiest cat I ever had the displeasure of meeting…but she loved it…

  6. So many do. Personally, I know not why 🙂

  7. Nice haiku inspired on ‘cats in love’ MMT. Wonderful photo.

  8. Siamese cats look nasty for sure… I wonder who loves them..

  9. well, I’m one of those who loves a Siamese cat! she is sweet and very entertaining.

  10. Cats know their own value, and they love themselves.

  11. Cruel claw and tooth. Love it!

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