Hiding Place

 photo 338aHAIGA_zps464b64a7.jpg
Palo verde trees, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Beautiful, enigmatic shadow is cast round this tangle of desert woods! Beautiful!

  2. We often think of sagebrush like this as being a nuisance and waste. Yet, the pheasant with its camouflaged plumage is quite in home in here as the hunter scours the desert floor for his prey…without success! Score one for the canny fowl…

  3. the center draws your eye in. love this shot mmt!!! happy weekend!!

  4. What a wonderful shadow shot for the day and what a clever bird indeed! Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Catherine, Riviera

    very atmospheric place…

  6. Now that is camouflage! The photo has a science fiction feel to it.

    Love the unusual font you used here.

  7. wonderfully-worded… could almost see it 🙂

  8. Oh what a word-lover’s feast you have prepared! And as if that isn’t enough, you added a luminous photo too!

  9. Beautifully illustrated 🙂 the haiku and the picture complement each other.

  10. For how long I wonder!…Nice!

  11. It eludes the viewer, too!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Oh, you have to have VERY sharp eyes to see that elusive pheasant! (I’m kidding, of course!) Thanks for your visit.

  12. nice to see
    one where the pheasant


  13. love that he has a hiding place!
    when we lived in the country, hunter friends of my husband asked permission to hunt for rabbits or deer on our heavily wooded back acreage. I chose not to tell them that the rabbits hid in the multirose bushes along the perimeter of our property, not back in the wooded area. and the deer only laid among the trees at night. ha!

  14. Am so happy haiku leads to happy ending for pheasant.

  15. On this occasion it seems it’s better to be quivering than plucky 🙂

  16. it really is all about the light…
    and sometimes the shadows!

  17. Those trees seem to have quite a bit of personality-and that they have a lot to say too! Beautiful!

  18. Das luzes às sombras, tudo nessa imagem é belo. Beijos!

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