Shadows in the wash photo SonoranMar20131761a_zps72de9205.jpg
Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

sunrise to sunset
the fortitude of shadows
romancing the light


Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
More Haiku Heights: “Fortitude”

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  1. A shadow like a crocodile…

  2. love the idea of romancing the light!

  3. This is an elegant scene – the tree looks worse for wear. Yet the shadow of the splintered wood is graceful in appearance, as if it is a ballerina in motion. A stylish Sonoran scene!

  4. What could be less substantial than a shadow? Yet you give it a force of its own. Bravo, teacherman!

  5. “Romancing the light” … lovely phrase, that.

  6. Your words made me happy today! The idea of light and shadow romancing each other caught me by surprise – a joyful surprise!

  7. The shadow shape is like some amphibious creature arching its back with mouth wide! Shadows and light locked in some kind of romantic embrace is a beautiful idea!

  8. never tire of these simple brown and blue landscapes!

  9. “Romancing the light” It must be very nice where you are in winter. Alice

  10. That shadow made me think of the Frito Bandito’s mustache for some reason (yes, you have to ‘think’ upside down!). Love that warm, golden light.

  11. A very pointed shadow penetrating light.

  12. What a wonderful shadows capture.

  13. that looks really dry !

  14. Just gorgeous. A lovely idea.

  15. the shadow is more elegant looking than the rough subject. shadows are a wonderful thing.

  16. gorgeous desert shadow. I like shots like this. Something special about them. 🙂

  17. What a beautiful shadow it created.

    My Shadow Shots
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  18. shadows romancing the light – what a great image. Lovely

  19. Not sure how I missed this one what powerful HAiku

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