A Dozen Whirls

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Each haiku or senryu below begins with one of this week’s Wordle words, and is meant to be read as a discrete unit.

~~ 1 ~~
Hurry, they are here,
the ones you have waited for,
teeth sharp, eyes aglow.
~~ 2 ~~
Disguised as a clown,
Christ prowls the broken alleys
of the shantytown.
~~ 3 ~~
Tree in the forest,
when the axmen came for you,
great was your keening.
~~ 4 ~~
sand between my toes
scuffing the beach at twilight
searching for a sign
~~ 5 ~~
Country of my dreams,
will I walk this way again
before the sun sets?
~~ 6 ~~
jar of sweet pickles
hidden on a cellar shelf
~~ 7 ~~
forgotten photos
moldering in the attic
family fragments
~~ 8 ~~
Yesterday they came
to take the old man away—
the door stands ajar.
~~ 9 ~~
Across ten time zones
someone is waiting for me—
I forget his name.
~~ 10 ~~
Mind you, green cricket,
it is no small thing you ask
of my aching heart.
~~ 11 ~~
Wound me if you must,
blossom brittling into dust—
one more seed springs forth.
~~ 12 ~~
Stirred by the small bird
frantic to escape her soul,
she scribbles haiku.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. So many good ones here. I was saddened by the forgotten photos in the attic…..we all have them, don’t we? Oh my goodness, I hope Christ doesn’t disguise himself as a clown, as I would run the other way. And, I think we may all have a ‘country of our dreams’ we hope to see yet one more time! Have a wonderful week (and, yes, I meet Leonard Cohen in his music daily….not to mention those wild times in the Chelsea Hotel – ha ha)

  2. Love your dozen blooms of haiku ~ Specially moved by # 3, 10 and 12 ~

    Hope you are well ~


  3. Your individual senryu attracted me in so many ways. I think I like them even better than your linked chains.

  4. Gorgeous writing! And very inspiring!
    jar of sweet pickles
    hidden on a cellar shelf
    Strikes a chord with me. So tired of winter and longing for picnic weather!

  5. When I miss a few weeks, your poems are the ones I am most happy to arrive at, again.

  6. You inspire me to write haiku … a beautiful set, yet again !!!

  7. I always relish coming here to read, and always find it difficult to choose a favorite out of your smorgasbord of words. Not this week, Number 10, leaped out at me and will stay for a long time. Thank you,


  8. I always love your haiku and enjoyed these very much. I especially resonate with “great was your keening”…..and the last one – oh, that is a wonder! “stirred by a small bird”……so beautiful.

  9. ‘Scribbles haiku’ doesn’t even begin to describe the skill it takes to put together a set like this…

  10. Just gorgeous–for me, especially–2, 8 and 12

  11. My favorite is number 11. All are excellent.

  12. Christ prowls the broken alleys is such a brilliant line..that alone would have been magical enough for me..

  13. These are great! Your images are clear.

  14. In all, there is a great sense of waiting, MMT. For spring, for return, for love.

  15. wonderful suite. 5 & 6 my favs. 5 =loneliness, 6= happiness.

  16. LOVE the Christ reference. Spot on! We ought pay heed.

  17. Magnificent
    I really think you have outdone yourself this time


  18. Robyn Greenhouse

    So many great haiku! Especially liked 4,5, and 7. but the old man taken away, door left ajar pulled at my heart!

  19. a poet’s words
    drawn from a deep desert well
    can quench a thirsting

  20. Each and every one a gem. Love them all…definitely a post to revisit!

  21. There is always hope that your name is written on someones heart. A really delightful set of haiku.

  22. These are all wonderful! 9 and 12 are my favorites.

  23. Your poems are magical and mystical. I love how many different places you go in your twelve poems. I love sweet pickles. Ahh, and that green cricket – wonderful.


  24. As always, a lovely collection, mmt. 10 and 12 are my favs.


  25. each a lovely petal of experience ~ Wonderful !

  26. a worthy wordle response

    much love

  27. These are just beautiful. I’m particularly drawn to the phrase
    “scuffing the beach at twilight. “

  28. La Melancholie, beautifully expressed.

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